The History of KooZac

The origins of KooZac began in 2005, when mobile media creator and gamer Ben Cusack started to delve into the world of hugely popular games and puzzles. He wanted to know why some were so highly addictive that they continued year after year to capture millions of fans old and new. Regardless of the medium – whether pen and paper or digital – people of all ages were immersed in puzzling worlds of numbers, letters and colours.

During his research, Ben looked into the success of many hugely immersive games and puzzles to try and understand what was making people want to play again and again. As part of this research, Ben looked into the world of Tetris and subsequently found studies relating to the science behind psychology-related gaming. Vladimir Pokhilko, clinical psychologist and best friend of Tetris creator, Alexey Pajitnov, started to look into why everyone – including the staff in his laboratory – was so immersed in the world of Tetris. Following extensive tests, Pokhilko summarised that Tetris was in fact an 'electric drug' – a pharmatronic – and that playing games such as Tetris increased the consumption rate of glucose in the brain, giving the player a natural high.

Ben wanted to create a game with pharmatronic qualities but one that offered players a platform to improve their knowledge of a subject and exercise the grey matter. He set about looking at ways to use shapes, colours, letters and words to create the ultimate pharmatronic puzzler game.

In 2005 a number placement puzzle game called Sudoku exploded onto the international scene. During his daily train commute, Ben noticed more and more people - of all ages - burying their heads into the ever-expanding Sudoku columns appearing in the nationals. Ben comments, "I started to think about the appeal of numbers and exercising the brain on a daily basis. It was then a case of experimenting with ways of making a 2D game such as Sudoku work in a gaming environment. After a number of attempts using children’s wooden number blocks, the idea of KooZac started to take shape. Align the falling blocks to create the correct number combinations."

KooZac was born.

KooZac launched in 2007 as a free to play online game, receiving praise from players and the industry. Over the past few years KooZac has become an award-winning game with over 15 million plays in over 150 countries, and has received media recognition from the likes of the BBC who described KooZac as "Caught somewhere between Tetris and Sudoku."

In 2011 Square Enix, a leading games developer and publisher of software entertainment, signed the KooZac game. In August 2012 a brand new version of KooZac launched for smart phones and tablets.

The award-winning puzzler with over 15 million online plays comes to smartphone and tablet. Simply add the numbers in the falling blocks.

Awards & Media

Channel 4 Viral Awards - Best International Interactive Viral - Winner

International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) - Finalist

The Independent - "Hugely addictive puzzle game, a must have for any brain training fans"

BBC Click - "Be warned, this game is utterly addictive."