What is KooZac?

KooZac is a numbers based puzzle game that will appeal to children age 7+, teachers and their parents. The idea of the game is simple: the player must position the falling number blocks on to one of the static number blocks to make a target sum. Once the sum has been made, the blocks will explode. The player moves on to the next level of the game once all silver number blocks have exploded. Aimed at all ages, younger players can learn basic sums by replaying the first levels, while older children and adults can progress through the levels where the sums and combinations become more advanced.

Learn with KooZac

How KooZac aids learning?

KooZac originated as an online game in 2007. The game grew in popularity organically, with many schools and teachers commenting on how it was helping their pupils have fun while learning. The original version of KooZac is still listed as a learning resource on the New South Wales Education site.

KooZac has now been fully updated to offer more ways to play and is available for smartphones and tablets, offering an educational and family friendly game to play at home, on the move and in the classroom.

We’re currently inviting schools to try KooZac and welcome your feedback here koozac@square-enix.com.

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Please note the mobile versions also include additional in-game payment options, although these additional purchases are not necessary to enjoy and progress in the game. To disable the in-game payments on your iOS device, go to settings/restrictions/In-App Purchases - and turn off.